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2003 Fleer Flair Baseball Cards Box
2003 Fleer Flair Baseball Cards Box
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Basic Card The concept behind Flair has been considered intriguing but it was the design that captivated collectors. Clean, classy and somewhat futuristic is now the trademark of Flair quality. Comprised of only 90 players, Flair’s roster is one of the best in the hobby.

Future Fame Flair helps you look in to the crystal ball and see which young players will soon become household names. See the future today as 35 true rookie cards are featured in the Future Fame subset and each card is serially numbered to just 500.

Flair Collection- Row 1 Collectors are always looking for a challenge and Flair does not disappoint with two different rows of Flair Collection parallel set. Row 1 is serially numbered to 150.

Flair Collection- Row 2 Collectors are always looking for a challenge and Flair does not disappoint with two different rows of Flair Collection parallel set. Row 2 is serially numbered to 25 and helps create an interesting chase for those willing to take the challenge.

Power Tools To become a good hitter you need more than just skill and luck, you also need a natural talent to hit a fast moving ball with a round stick. Power Tools looks at some of the best hitters in the Majors and gives you – the collector – a piece of one of their bats that has helped make them famous. Numbered to 500.

Power Tools Gold Flair is all about taking things to the next level and this theme continues with Power Tools Gold cards. The entire roster from Power Tools set has been numbered to just 100. This creates an exciting and very collectible card. Power Tools Gold will be worth the hunt and you will be satisfied with this new addition to your collection.

Power Tools- Dual Every player in Power Tools roster has been logically paired up with a comparable player or a teammate to create a new level of collecting. Besides being paired up, each card will have an actual piece of game-used bat from each of the players on the card. We think you will agree that some things are better in twos. Numbered to 200.

Diamond Cuts We sure you have heard the term, the shirt off your back, but never before has this been more apparent than in the game-worn insert set called Diamond Cuts. Each jersey swatch comes directly from the source and was worn in a real game by the player’s featured in the set—guaranteed. What about the players? Look for 15 big names from the Major Leagues in this star studded game-worn jersey set.

Diamond Cuts Gold Gold parallel version of Diamond Cuts is serially numbered to just 100. Now that’s a nice change of pace.

Hot Numbers Game-worn patch cards have become a hobby staple as collectors are looking for the best pieces for their collections. Hot Numbers takes the hobby love of patch cards and combines it with low numbering (100 of each card) to make a perfect chase element to the set.

Hot Numbers Dual How do you make Hot Numbers better? How about make a dual version matching two top players and only number the card to 25. That is what we did and you will soon wonder what you did before.

Wave of the Future Wave of the Future takes you on a tour of the top players that are starting to make an impact in today’s game. Each card contains a swatch of authentic game-used memorabilia from one of these up-and-coming idols numbered to only to 500.

Wave of the Future Gold The gold version of Wave of the Future features the same top prospects along with a swatch of authentic game-used memorabilia numbered to only 100.

Sweet Swatch Regular Sweet Swatch captivated collectors by showcasing the biggest names in the game with the biggest memorabilia swatch in the industry. Sweet Swatch Regular cards are made from the same thought and stock but these cards are normal sized. Each card is numbered to just 250.

Sweet Swatch Patch Regular Sweet Swatch Patch features a nice swatch of authentic game-worn jersey patch and is numbered to just 50 of each. Tough pulls but well worth it.

Sweet Swatch Oversized Everybody knows, bigger is better! Sweet Swatch game-used cards feature the biggest game-used swatches in the hobby—nearly 3 times the size of other game-used cards. See why collectors agree that Sweet Swatch is the real deal in the hobby.

Sweet Swatch Patch Oversized Collectors have made it known that some of their favorite cards from last year’s Flair were the Sweet Swatch Patch cards that seemed to catch the imagination and enthusiasm of the hobby. Call it what you want, but real collectors know that Sweet Swatch Patch is more than just another patch card.

Sweet Swatch Dual Oversized Sweet Swatch dual cards are exactly what the doctor ordered. Each card pairs up two relevant superstars to create a new experience in the Sweet Swatch pecking order. Collect your favorite player or your favorite team or step it up and collect them all. Each card is serially numbered to just 25.

Sweet Swatch Masterpiece Oversized The popularity of Sweet Swatch cannot be denied, it has this overpowering urge to make your collection grow large. If you really want something to be proud of, look for Sweet Swatch Masterpiece cards (numbered 1 of 1) that are totally unique. Each patch swatch embedded in the card is hand picked to make sure that each card is a true work of art.

Sweet Swatch Autograph Oversized One of the biggest innovations that Flair brings to the hobby is the Sweet Swatch card. Collectors agree that Sweet Swatch cards are a huge hit in the hobby and have become some of the most sought after cards around. Look for Sweet Swatch Autograph cards featuring some of the biggest names in the game.

Sweet Swatch Autograph Gold Oversized We’ve taken the Sweet Swatch Autograph idea to the next level by making a special gold version numbered to just 25! Imagine getting a Randy Johnson or Derek Jeter autograph in which you know beyond a shadow of a doubt there are only 25 in the world. Now imagine the envy of your friends as you show it off. Some things are priceless.

Sweet Swatch Autograph Masterpiece Yes, it is true. Look for rarest of the rare Sweet Swatch Masterpiece Autographs. The only 1 of 1 autograph cards on the market.

Manufacturer: Fleer

Safety Warning: This Product is for Adult Collectors. It may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 4 years of age.