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Yu Gi Oh! Dungeondice Monsters Starter Set
Yu Gi Oh! Dungeondice Monsters Starter Set
Yu Gi Oh! Dungeondice Monsters Starter Set
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This is the collectable board game version of the Dungeondice Monsters game that is played on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show. It's very different from the card game but is so novel and different from any other type of game that it is sure to be a hit. There is a Game Boy Advance version of this game also, however the rules for the board game are slightly different.

This starter set includes 6 monsters, which will allow you and a friend to play a "basic" version of the game (using a smaller playing field). In order to play the "advanced" game (as shown on the TV show) each player must have 10 monsters (with no duplicate monsters, a different rule from the GBA version). You collect additional monsters in monster booster packs (1 in each). You get a small 1" figurine with each monster, and these figurines are very solid and detailed. We recommend each player buy a starter set and 4 boosters so that you can immediately begin playing the advanced version of the game (this is a 2-player only game). If you want to get a basic idea how the game is played, you can watch the 4 "Dungeondice Monsters" episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!, however it isn't too complicated to learn the game.

The Yu-Gi-Oh DungeonDice Monsters Starter Set features these cards and figures: Monster Lord, Vorse Raider, Thunder Ball, Buster Blader, Gearfried the Iron Knight, Knight of Twin Swords, Strike Ninja.

7 Figures w/ Cards
12 Dice
10 Dungeon Pieces
Damage Marker Set
2 Crest Counters
Instruction Booklet